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Privacy Policy

Data Controller
Easteam Oy Alasintie 1
80130 Joensuu

Register Name
Customer Register

Purpose of processing personal data
The register is used to manage existing customer relationships and to offer services to individuals working in companies who might need them.

Contents of the register
The register contains customer data: customer name, postal address, telephone number, and email address. These are necessary basic information for processing orders, invoicing and delivery, or responding to forms. The register stores information about the customer's order history, order processing, and possible product returns.

The register only contains information of individuals who, due to their position and job, may be potential users of our services.
Visitor tracking services on websites collect the visitor's IP address, language, browser name, and resolution. ​

Regular sources of information
The customer has provided the information stored in the register for the data controller's use when ordering products from the online store and / or registering as its customer or alternatively when filling out a quote, feedback, or newsletter subscription form.

Regular disclosures of information
The information in the register is used only for managing the data controller's customer relationships, and the information is not disclosed to third parties.

Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA
The data controller does not transfer customer register data outside the EU or EEA.

A cookie is a small text file that the web browser stores on the user's device. Cookies are used, for example, when the user's information is to be stored when moving from one page of the Internet service to another. The purpose of cookies on this site is to facilitate and speed up transactions by storing information and store session identifiers in the user's browser memory.

Principles of register protection
A secure https connection is in use on the data controller's site. All the information in the register has been stored on a secure server and backed up to another. The server's data security is always up to date, and only selected key individuals have access to the information, and reviewing it requires logging into the system with a username and password.

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