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Here are the instructions for most frequently asked questions. Please note that some of the instructions are intended for Fasplat system administrators, while others are for workshop participants. If you still can't find assistance, please contact your organization's Fasplat administrator or reseller as a first step. They are familiar with your situation and can provide the best possible help.

For Workshop Participants

Credentials and Login

We provide instructions on how to log in to the Fasplat facilitation platform and what to do if you forget your password or couldn't log in within the given timeframe.

Commenting in Workshops

In the instructions, we will go through how participants are invited to provide comments and how to participate in the commenting round.

For Workshop Facilitators and Administrators

Setting up a module

We will guide you on how to create a new module in the Fasplat system and provide instructions for the preparation of the implementation.

RDI Plan

We will guide you on setting up the RDI Plan module, inviting participants, and how to facilitate the process together with the participants.

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